High quality as a solid base for our product solutions

No fungi, no rotting. Just long-lasting

Media resistant

Also usable for high temperatures

Temperature stability

Thermal and acoustic insulation


You have a problem but do not know with which materials it can best be solved? We can help.

Requirements that our materials meet

  • Soft surfaces to protect scratch-sensitive products
  • High stability and good resilience to accommodate shocks
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Media resistance for flexible use - no water absorption, no frost, no bacteria, no mould
  • Temperature stability for use in heat or cold
  • Ability to combine with other materials for multifunctional use - sandwich solutions (hard on the inside and soft on the outside)
  • Flexible processing for realization of different geometries

A selection of our materials 

  • The appropriate material type is always selected according to your requirements.
  • Hard and soft types are available, as well as electrically conductive variants.   
  • Cross-linked polyolefin foam (polyethylene and polypropylene) in different densities, thicknesses, shapes (plates or blanks) and colours
  • Expanded polypropylene foam in different densities, thicknesses, shapes (plates or blanks) and colours
  • Hollow section plates and structure section plates in different colours, thicknesses and weights







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